Breaking news:UAE has accepted somaliland passport

DUBAI– The United Arab Emirates has accepted citizens traveling with Somaliland passport can enter to it’s country and further allowed that the UAE can issue visas with Somaliland travel documents.

First, people who will be allowed to travel to the UAE are those holding Somaliland diplomatic passport in the first place. Second, business people are permitted to go the UAE with Somaliland passport. Third, anyone holding with Somaliland passport can travel to the UAE.

Reports confirm that this has been facilitated by FlyDubai airways which has recently started direct flights to Somaliland. This is an important diplomatic step taken in the right direction. The UAE has banned people traveling with Somali passport cannot enter into her country.

Citizens with Somaliland travel document can go to the following countries:-

1- South Africa

2- Ethiopia

3- Djibouti

4- Belgium

5- United Kingdom

6 – France

7- South Sudan

8- Kenya

Somaliland is a broke away republic that seceded from Somalia in 1991 but it has not been recognized.

Turkey, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya have diplomatic office in Hargeisa.

Author: @shakiressa

  • Shakir essa served as manager at National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) And Somali News Tv reporter | news publisher at

26 thoughts on “Breaking news:UAE has accepted somaliland passport”

  1. waa bushaaro khayr waa hor dhac horseed u ah waxii reer sl u samreen mudada Reer walawayn Waxaan leeyahay intaad maskaxda ka xoroobaysaan xisaab ma lihidin


  2. Good bye Somalia you hold us back for decades. Sort out your problems…. We have helped you for more than 60 years grow up and be responsible for your actions.

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    1. What are you talking about you guy,this is just concerns only somaliland community don’t be silly, UAE is Islamic country and as somalilander we love them and we hope other countries will accept somaliland passport soon.


      1. دولت لاامارات هيه دوله اسلاميه وتحكم بعدل ولكن الصومال مقديشو لا تريد أن تتوقف عن الدمار والحروب والفساد والصومال المقديشوا هيه التي شملتالدمار لصو مالاند وهيه عصابات لاتريد لامن ولامان لصومالانده


  3. Mansha alllah Waa arin lagu farxo lakin sidan ku Rumaysan karnaa warkan inuu yahay mid Xaqiiq ah ilayn wax tixraac ah maad soo raacine ama link yacnihii halkad ka soo xigatay thanks alle ha inoo rumeeyo insha allah


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