How we are funded

Sources of income 2020

Total income: R29,105,689

Earned income (United Nation Mission in Somalia) (40%)

African Union in Somalia(32%)

Google (9%)

United Nation Development Programme(20%)

Djibouti ministry of information and broadcasting(14%)

IFCN (3%)

How we are funded Diversity and transparency of funding As a leading supporter of the Africa Times News Network (ATNN) and its Code of Principles, Africa Times is committed to transparency about our funding and organisation. Africa Times is a non-profit organisation, headquartered in South Africa as a non-profit trust, registration number IT000728/2015(C).

It is registered as the Africa Times News Foundation Djibouti and operates in Somalia and Ethiopia through representative offices.  Founded in London in 2012 as a Community Interest Company, control of the organisation passed to the Ethiopia registered trust at the start of 2014. Information on our accounts from 2012 to 2020 accounts is available on the UK Companies House website. From 2019 our accounts are published in South Africa.

We launched in 2012 with just one funder, the Vienna-based International Press Institute. Our commitment since then has been to increase and diversify the number of our financial supporters, to ensure no donor has a controlling influence.  In 2014, a small group of foundations and trusts provided 100% of our income.

That group had grown and diversified, and by 2020, earned income and corporate sponsors accounted for 42% of our income. As verified by the IFCN’s independent assessment of our work each year, we ensure that funders have no influence over the conclusions we reach in our reports. Africa Check’s work is supported by TRi Facts (PTY) Ltd, our research and information subsidiary, registered in South Africa under enterprise number 2018/623180/07.

How we spend it Fact-checking is a time-consuming and labour-intensive business. We operate in four countries with a team of 45.


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