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Members of the Afrika Times News (ATN) are committed to open and full disclosure of their work to all cooperating

African colleagues and institutions, all graduate and field assistants, and the subjects with whom we work and whom we study. 

Each of these should have full access to information about the objectives of the work, the sources of institutional support, sponsorship, other funding, the methods to be employed, and the anticipated outcomes of the research or professional endeavors.

Because the findings of our research or recommendations or conclusions drawn from it may affect the interests of the peoples and communities we study,

Afrika Times News should be conscious of the interests of the sponsors and funders of the research or professional endeavors, as well as any third parties who may have access to the findings or data, and anticipate their potential uses and abuses of the research data. 

Further, we shall notify our African colleagues of the sponsors, funders, and their potential uses of the information to be collected.

We shall not engage in any research which we know or believe to be funded secretly, is likely to be used for covert purposes, or to have potentially negative consequences for our African colleagues.  Africanists should not accept funds or sponsorship that benefit a sponsoring organization or government in self-aggrandizing ways that compromise the integrity of Africanists’ scholarly endeavors by influencing results of research, professional work, or the content of presentations.  We shall be particularly sensitive to participation in projects which could be reasonably construed as sustaining or strengthening the powers of political leaders or states guilty of violations of human rights. 

Furthermore, we are committed to keeping in the public domain all research and publications completed under sponsorship of any government. 3. Informed Consent and Confidentiality We shall seek to obtain the fully voluntary and informed consent of all the people participating in our research or other work before it is undertaken. Researchers should develop instruments of informed consent that are appropriate to the cultural context of their research.

Such instruments should not only inform the subjects of the nature of the research and its potential risks but also should guarantee to subjects that, if they wish, their confidentiality will be fully respected.

Researchers should be cognizant of the real difficulties of securing informed consent in contexts of uneven power relations and should develop strategies or techniques for ensuring that such consent be entirely voluntary. Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols should also be followed, as appropriate to Africanists’ home institutions and host countries.

Owner Information

Afrika Times News is an independent participative online news site for Sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to empower all African Voices through publishing content by a range of people, from academics to bloggers.

We are dedicated to bringing the world an African view on life, up-to-date African news and analysis. We want to give the young voices of Africa a chance to tell their stories and help boost emerging leaders who are dedicated to strengthening African development.

We do not hold to any political view and ask our authors to disclose to our readers if they have an agenda or conflict of interest. We believe in freedom of the press, freedom of expression and open access to information.

Our goal is to create a participatory news site and we are open to any who want to become a contributor to our site.Here at Africa Times we try not only to inform our readers but also strive to create a website that is easily accessible and a pleasure to use, offering an enjoyable reading experience. We aim to stimulate debate among Africans as well as the wider world on issues affecting Africans on a daily basis.We hope to provide content that not only shows the on-the-ground realities of Africa but also brings these issues into a wider context.

We aim to enable a wide range of voices to be heard through our site, encouraging people of all backgrounds to contribute.We want to embolden all Africans to speak about what they believe are the important topics of the time and do so in the manner they believe the issues should be addressed.We believe that Africa has a lot to teach the West.

The time is now for Africa to be heard!Want to find out more about Africa Times? Send us an email to Shakir@afrika-times.com

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Shakir Essa is a Digital Media Publisher, News broadcaster, Author and Political Analyser

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Shakir Essa
Shakir Essa is a Digital Media Publisher, News broadcaster, Author and Political Analyser. ” data-image-caption=” Shakir is a Digital Media Publisher, News broadcaster, Author and Political Analyser ”

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Mohamud Mohamed Dahir

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